Water Prospecting and Drilling Joint-stock Company has more than one hudred years experience in groundwater exploration, fresh and geothermal water well drilling, completion and testing, has had a great contribution to the development of water supply for monitoring, domestic, industrial, agricultural and therapeutical purposes, heating in Hungary.

Our Company most frequently applies modern technology of underreaming the borehole below the casing string

• to 500 mm diameter up to 900 m depth and

• to 360 mm diameter up to 1500 m depth,

using smaller diameter pumphouse and/or technical casings increased open area and high transmitting capacity screens installed with high permeability and transmissivity, naturally rounded quartzitic gravel pack, obtaining practically as high yields as at the traditional large diameter wells at much lower price due to less steel consumption.

Our Company has god experience in performing design, drilling, completion and testing of high production potential water wells with increased diameter pumphouse easing and screen completed with gravel pack surrounding the screen capable of incorporating large diameter, high discharge submersible pumps:

• 1600 mm diameter up to 10 m depth,

• 1200 mm diameter up to 30 m depth,

• 1000 mm diameter up to 100 m depth,

• 620 mm diameter up to 300 m depth.