About us

Our company (VIKUV Water Prospecting and Drilling Joint-stock Company) owned 100% by its employees including all staff and labour makes sustained effort in proceeding with a more than 100 years experience performing a wide range of activity related to:

– all engineering and design in connection with the company’s whole activity,
– prospecting and exploration of fresh water and geothermal water resources,
– drilling, completion and testing of geothermal, domestic, industrial and irrigation water wells,
– construction of well-shafts, well-head assemblies, pumping and piping systems,
– installation and operation of water supply and water treatment plants (de-ironing, de-gassing),
– maintenance, rehabilitation, creen replacement of geothermal and fresh water wells,
– systematic bottom hole measurements in the production wells operation,
– geophysical investigations
– expertise, insepction and verification of production wells operation,
– geodetic surveying of well locations,
– elaboration of final well reports and documentation,
– drilling, completion and testing of piezometer and environment monitoring wells,
– drilling and sampling of geotechnical boreholes,
– abandonment of boreholes and wells.